Director Message

Education is the base and key for all kinds of knowledge.

It is all about knowing, learning and doing the things in a perfect and professionalised manner.

It updates the skills and enriches the overall students’ knowledge.

Education is definitely an essential need today to survive and succeed in this ever advancing highly competitive world.

Education is the birth right of every Child Believing and understanding all the above, Mr. GouruThirupathiReddy, the Chairman of ‘EkashilaGorup of Institutions’ has established schools and junior colleges to provide quality education with updated curriculum along with all needed facilities of high quality and sophisticated digitaltechnologies.

In my perspective, Schools are foundation stones for educational career andintermediate, being the turning point for the student’s career. Hence, wecommitted to concentrate and dedicate ourselves on these two important levels of education.

The main objective of our initiation as an educationalist is to make our country fully literate and skilled by producing potential andresponsible citizens to our Mother India as part of our share and responsibility towards the society and country.


Gouru Suvija Reddy,

Director - Ekashila Group Of Institutions

Gouru Suvija Reddy, Director - Ekashila Group Of Institutions

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