Cultural activities resembles our culture and tradition. Cultural activities are not just anentertainment but also asource for creating awareness on various subjects and used in many different ways. Cultural activities gives the management an opportunity to discover and encourage the hidden talents and enthusiastic aspirants. For this to happen Ekashila conducts cultural activities and competitions on regular intervals and events. Ekashila won many awards and rewards in the competitions conducted at District and State Level.

Our students will participate enthusiastically and perform their talents in Choreography, Skits,Group and Solo performances, Mono actions, Mimes, Singing, writing Lyrics,Poems, Poetry andSongs,etc.


Ekashila culture has always valued participation and teamwork and lays a strong emphasis on co-curricular activities. The school was founded on the principle of imparting holistic education with an equal emphasis on arts, sports and academics. The Physical Education at school provides the right balance of activities to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills.

Ekashila’s arts curriculum blends creativity, divergent thinking, and perseverance together to support students as they broaden their awareness of the world around them. Students work in dedicated spaces to explore a range of art forms across a variety of activities, including School sports teams, math clubs, chess clubs, talent shows, extempore, writing competitions, debates, mock trials, drawing competitions and theatre performances, etc.


Riding is good for children – it’s a fantastic form of exercise, requiring flexibility, balance and coordination, to say nothing of the physical demands of grooming and mucking out. Learning to ride and take care of a horse also teaches young people patience, responsibility and determination.

Now more than ever, there’s greater interest in riding as a serious sport, not just an enjoyable hobby. There are independent schools that can cater to your child’s passion for horses without compromising on academic standards. And the facilities on offer are top class.

After - School Coaching

The school also offers specialized coaching - After school hours for all students who wish to take their skills to the next level. Students at EKASHILA also attend several sports events and competitions at inter-school, state, national and international levels throughout the year. Some of our teams are well-known at the state and national levels.

The coaches at EKASHILA are energetic and experienced and help students develop sportsmanship spirit, fair play, and teach them the ability to work hard and collaborate. All coaches and activity staff at the school are offered professional development courses before and during the start of the academic year to constantly improve the quality of coaching.

Balance with Academics

Students pursuing professional sports often undergo rigorous coaching and travel frequently for events. Through individualized support systems, EKASHILA encourages students and nurtures their talents and interests beyond academics.


The sports at Ekashila is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills such as strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance, as well as team-work, leadership, confidence and self-discipline.

Ekashila International’s campuses have a well-maintained athletics track, cricket pitch, world-class basketball and tennis courts, volleyball and handball courts, synthetic turf, and a skating rink. The school offers 10 different activities and games to choose from. These include Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Skating, Table Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, Archery, Swimming, Horse Ride, Aerobics and Gymnastics. We believe sports is an integral part of the education of a child and allow students to explore a variety of sports before choosing their specialization in Secondary classes.

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