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Boarding at School

The EKASHILA International School offers excellent accommodation in the form of hostel facility for boys and girls of classes III to XII, a disciplined system that is firm while conserving mutual respect. The hostel is comfortable allowing the students to focus on academics.

Our hostel focusses on providing homely care and personal attention to our students. Safety of students is our priority and we ensure that our EKASHILA hostel is a safe haven for our students. Hostel life promotes camaraderie, independence and responsibility amongst the students.

Each child is provided with a cot, having a box, mattress and a covering unique bedsheet. In addition there are dedicated study hour tutors and in charges in the hostels. Laundry is taken care of regularly. Nourishing meals are served timely in the most hygienic conditions. Student health and welfare is of paramount importance at EKASHILA.

Homely care

A home away from home at EKASHILA hostel.

We ensure a huge emotional support to our students and make them feel at home in the hostel. We make every effort to empower our students with life skills that will stay with them forever and mould them into complete human beings. The hostel is replete with all facilities that the students may require in their daily routines so they don’t feel wanting for anything important.

Holistic Education

Fostering joy in Learning

All round development of a child is an important theme at Ekashila. Students are encouraged to be physically fit with an hour each day dedicated to sports compulsorily. Wholesome, balanced meals served through the day nourish young minds and bodies. Regular excursions, study tours, adventure camps and literary & art weeks enhance learning and provide students with much-needed exposure. Orientation meetings and regular workshops are conducted students to educate them on personality development, stress and anger management, time management, etc.

Achieving Excellence

We make every effort to mould our children into confident, respectful and responsible human beings who can contribute to the society they live in.

Growing strong “What we learn becomes a part of who we are”

Well Being

Health and Wellness

An in-house Health and Wellness Counsellor is available at the campus to attend to the diverse needs of the students. Psychological counselling is helpful to students troubled by mental pressures, peer pressure, fear or depression. The school is always there to support and assist students along with the counsellor in overcoming any hurdles. Being a school that believes in all-inclusive education, we also have a dedicated, trained special educator to help students with learning disabilities or special needs. Our curriculum is designed to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of each student and create a positive learning environment.

The school is equipped with medical facilities and qualified medical staff to take care of medical emergencies. Our resident medical staff is available 24x7 to take care of the health care needs and routine ailments of our students proficiently. Any medical issues, small or big, are immediately communicated to the Principal and parents of the student.

Achieving Excellence

  • There is a comfortable medical room on the ground floor with basic medical facilities and a wheelchair.
  • A school vehicle is always stationed in school to shift a child to the hospital if needed.

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